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In simple temrs, cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which allows to execute transactions without the approval form banks. Such currency was created for simple and efficient money transfers to users via the Internet.

1. Log out of your account LOG OUT

2. Go to data restoration page PAYTALER

3. Fill out the form, leave your e-mail.

4. Click the link in your e-mailand enter a new password.

Make sure you entered the correct e-mail and check the spam folder. If you don't receive the e-mail after several tries, fill in the enquiery form on the website.

Your computer is likely to be damaged by a trojan virus, which violators used to access your e-mail to restore allegedly forgotten password. We recommend you not to use Windows, since 99% of viruses can be found in Windows. We advise you to switch to MAc OS or Linux.

If you want to continue using Windows and protect your money, make the following steps:

1. Change your login information to access SETTINGS and PASSWORD

2. If for some reasons you cannot change your password contact the support team

4. Check you computer for viruses.

The transaction might still be waiting for confirmation. The reason for it is that bitcoin is based on peering system (p2p) and every transaction must get a number of confirmations. Please, read more on Normally the money is transafered instantly.

Changing your data without the e-mail is only possible on special terms.

Accounts can be deleted only on special terms.

Your issue requires time to resolve, please wait for the response.

If you have any questions, please, contact us.